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Frequently Asked Questions

Virtual Assistant

Why should I hire a virtual assistant?

  1. No recruitment needed - You are not responsible for any employee-related costs, so you don't have to worry about paying employee tax or insurance.

  2. Only paying for what you need - I only charge for the time I'm actually working on your tasks. If you employed a worker, you may be paying for time that they're sitting there and not doing a lot.

  3. No office desk or equipment required - I take charge of my own space so you save money on not having to find a place for a worker, pay for internet and other expenses.

  4. Limited training required - I am highly experienced and likely to not need much training, which saves you time.

  5. I'm extremely flexible - If you require a sudden piece of work doing, for instance over the weekend, I'm happy to work around you and your timelines.

About Katie

Why should I choose you as my assistant?

​I'm highly experienced and hard working. After gaining A*s in my A-levels (Maths, Chemistry and Nutrition), I decided to work in retail management for one of the largest retailers in Europe, where I gained valuable retail and customer service experience. On top of this, I was funded by my employer to do a distance learning degree in retail management, which I had to do around my full-time job. Since then, I have had roles in retail operations, administration, HR, event planning, NGO management and book-keeping. 

I work with enthusiasm and have a desire to grow businesses. I will treat your business with the same respect and determination as I would if it was my own. I'm a keen learner and have a desire to push myself to achieve the best. 

What previous virtual assistant jobs have you done?

I have worked on several different virtual tasks, for example:

  • Helping an America NGO, Assist Africa, with creating a website, supporting their volunteers travelling and running their social media pages.

  • Creating and running the social media pages for a fast-food restaurant.

  • Providing data analysis and financial planning support for a housing manager in the UK.

  • Running the social media pages for a car oil company.

  • Working as customer support for a worldwide research marketing firm.

  • Creating and managing the website, social media pages and email account for my NGO, Pen to Paper Ghana.

  • Creating the website for a gutter-cleaning service.

  • Doing database management work.

Payment Info

How much do you charge?

Since I'm based in Ghana, the cost of living is lower and therefore my rates are extremely reasonable. The cost all depends on what you're requiring and how many hours needed. For example, most UK VAs will charge approximately £27 an hour for admin services; I can charge £10 an hour depending on the work required. See payment plans here.

Please get in touch to discuss what you're looking for and I can give you a quote.

How do I pay you?

Being British, I have a UK bank account that you can pay into or I accept payments through PayPal. In some circumstances, I will accept other forms of payment, such as Western Union.

I will make the invoice out in your local currency, subject to the local rate at that time. Note - this amount will not change even if the exchange rate does. 

Privacy Policy

What is your Privacy Policy?

This privacy policy outlines how I use and protect the information you provide when you use this site.


If asked for any information, I will ensure that it is only used for the purpose requested. This information is gathered to help understand your requirements and provide you with the best services and I do my upmost to ensure it's secure.


The website contains links to other sites; however, if you click on these links to the other website, I do not have authority over those sites and therefore cannot be responsible for the protection of your information on those sites.


Under the Data Protection Act 1998, you can request to know the personal information I have stored on you. Also, if you have agreed to give me your personal information for marketing purposes, but you now want to either update your information or opt out, please contact me and I'll correct it. 


I will not sell, distribute or lease your personal information to third parties unless we have your permission or are required by law to do so. ​

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